Bars and Counters

Popup™ Bars are portable, wheeled sampling and serving stations perfect for any indoor or outdoor event.

The expandable frame, no-tools assembly, and customizable graphics make the Popup Bar a great promotional display that offers great functionality. It even doubles as a pull-cart! Couple with a promotional tent for outdoor events, with an exhibit for tradeshows or use as a standalone promotional display.

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  1. Portable Popup Bar Mini
    Portable Popup Bar Mini

    Starting at $376.66

  2. Popup Bar Mini Header
    Popup Bar Mini Header

    Starting at $120.02

  3. Portable Popup Bar Large
    Portable Popup Bar Large

    Starting at $496.99

  4. Popup Bar Large Header
    Popup Bar Large Header

    Starting at $145.55

  5. Campaign Counter
    Campaign Counter

    Starting at $420.89

5 Items

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