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Customize the PROMO Handbook Catalog

We're happy to help you serve your customers with your own branded version of the Promo Handbook™ display product catalog with retail pricing. We offer two different ways to create a customized catalog, see the options below.

Add Your Logo with ZOOMCatalog

Creating a customized catalog through ZOOMCatalog is easy, just follow these three simple steps.

Login with your ZOOMCatalog credentials. If you don’t have a login, sign up for free.
Add your logo, contact information and more to Orbus’ blank catalog to make it your own.
Share it with your customers.
Completely Customized Catalog

Serve your customers with your own fully custom-branded version of the PROMO Handbook catalog.

Complete this form
Upon completion you will receive the template files to customize the front and back pages of your catalog.
Complete the layout of your desired artwork and package as a complete PDF.
After you provide the designed cover pages, we will package up your catalog and send you high and low-resolution versions.
Share it with your customers.

We encourage you to use our product website and/or online catalog as a resource. Below are some ideas of how you can use these customized catalog files to further grow your display business.

Add the catalog to your website as a downloadable file, as a flipping book or embed it into your site.
Share the catalog with your internal sales team.
Share the catalog with your customers via email and social media.
Add a link to the catalog or webpage you’ve created in your email signature.
Provide a digital file of the catalog to your customers on a USB drive.
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